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Welcome to NATIONAL PARKS WORLDWIDE with the national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas of this country or territory.  Most data are public data available from the World Protected Areas Database. The accuracy varies considerably per country and is incomplete for most countries of the world. We have corrected some systematic spelling mistakes related to accents (é, ñ, ê, ö, etc.) for languages that we master (Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German), but many remain. Whenever the United Nations organization responsible for this Database,  the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge improves their data on the protected areas, we will be able to provide you with better data. Or alternatively, if you can fill out the list of your country or a part of it, with the data on the protected areas, we will put them on the webpage for your country. Click here for downloading the little digital form.

NATIONAL PARKS WORLDWIDE  is part of NATURE WORLDWIDE with 2000 pages not only on protected areas but also on, birds and mammals as well as nature related links for this country. For the list of birds or mammals of this country or for the links, please press the link at the top.

Bienvenue chez "PARCS NATIONAUX DU MONDE ENTIER" avec les parcs nationaux de ce pays ou territoire. PARCS NATIONAUX DU MONDE ENTIER fait partie de NATURE MONDIAL avec 2000 pages, pas suelement sur les aires protégés mais aussi sur  les oiseaux et mammifères aussi bien avec des pages avec des liens relationés a la nature de chaque pays. Pour la liste des oiseaux ou parcs mammifères ou pour les pages des liens, pressez le lien ci-dessus.

Bienvenido a "PARQUES NACIONALES DEL MUNDO ENTERO" con la lista de los parques nacionales, reservas biológicas y otras áreas protegidas de este país o territorio. PARQUES NACIONALES DEL MUNDO ENTERO" es parte de "NATURALEZA DEL MUNDO ENTERO" con 2000 páginas no solo con las áreas protegidas sino también con los aves y de los mamíferos, así como con enlaces relacionados a la naturaleza de este país. Para la lista de los  pájaros o de los mamíferos o para la página de los enlaces, haga clique al enlace deseado arriba.

Bemvindo a "ÁREAS PROTEGIDAS DO MUNDO INTEIRO" com a lista das unidade de conservação de este país ou territorio.  ÁREAS PROTEGIDAS DO MONDO ENTEIRO" es parte de "NATURALEZA DO MUNDO INTEIRO" com 2000 páginas não somente dos parques nacionais e das reservas naturais mas também com os mamíferos , así como con ligações relacionadas à naturaleza de este país. Pela lista das  aves ou dos mamíferos ou pela página de ligações, por favor aperta o link deseado acima.

Willkommen auf "NATIONALPARKE WELTWEIT" mit den Nationalparke und andere Naturgebiete dieses Landes oder Territoriums.  NATIONALPARKE WELTWEIT ist Teil von NATUR WELTWEIT mit 2000 Seiten nicht nur über Nationalparke der ganzen Welt, sondern auch mit Listen Vögeln und Saugetieren der ganzen Welt, sowie mit Glieder für dieses Land über die Natur. Für die Liste Vógeln oder Saugetieren oder für die Seite mit Glieder, drücken Sie den Link hieroben. 

Welkom by "NATIONALE PARKEN WERELDWIJD" met de lijst van nationale parken en andere natuurgebieden van dit land of gebied. NATIONALE PARKEN WERELDWIJD maakt deel uit van NATUUR VAN DE HELE WERELD met 2000 páginas, niet alleen met de natuurgebieden, maar ook met de soortenlijsten van vogels en  zoogdieren  van alle landen van de wereld, alsmede met de natuur gerelateerde links voor dit land. Voor de vogels en zoogdieren, of natuurlinks voor dit land, klik de desbetreffende link aan.


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Protected Area Management type Size in hectares Marine area IUCN Category Latitude Longitude Creation date
Boqueron Wildlife Refuge (Refugio de Vida Silvestre) 237 62.80812100000 27.80587800000
Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge (Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre) 146 62.59574600000 28.34652900000
Culebra National Wildlife Refuge (Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre) 633 62.59043100000 27.08662200000
Embalse de Luchetti Wildlife Refuge (Refugio de Vida Silvestre) 550 62.59033700000 28.34249400000
Bahia Biol Nature Reserve 0 62.57279300000 25.49211900000
Cerrillos Commonwealth Forest 0 62.56753800000 26.63865300000
Ceiba Commonwealth Forest 334 III -37.89745100000 174.99133000000
Maricao Commonwealth Forest 4159 Y IV 51.89124300000 1.24721300000 1/1/1983
Tres Picachos Commonwealth Forest 0 Y IV 51.89118600000 1.24384500000 1/1/1983
Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge (Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre) 238 Y IV 51.89444400000 1.23771200000 1/1/1983
Arrecife de Cord Nature Reserve 0 III -41.20069400000 175.41510500000
Caribbean National Forest 11263 III -41.32085700000 175.41256700000
Pantano de Cibuc Nature Reserve 0 Y Ia -35.90866100000 175.10431500000 18880101
Arrecife De La C Nature Reserve 0 II -15.63000000000 131.26000000000 1/1/1990
Humacao Wildlife Refuge (Refugio de Vida Silvestre) 1026 II -33.70000000000 151.24000000000 1/1/1976
Vieques National Wildlife Refuge (Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre) 0 II -35.28000000000 148.96000000000 1/1/1980
Laguna Tortuguero Nature Reserve 1000 Ib 63.93901900000 -51.67415600000
Rio Abajo Commonwealth Forest 2274 UA 54.85000000000 -1.71000000000 1/1/1989
Aguirre Commonwealth Forest 938 Y IV 51.89413100000 1.23042700000 1/1/1983
Lago Luchetti Nature Reserve 0 62.55980900000 26.59974200000
Punta Yegua Natural Area 32 Ib 66.48694400000 -51.35694400000
canno Tibirones Nature Reserve 0 IV 49.48000000000 6.00000000000 1/1/1991
Isla de Mona Nature Reserve 5554 Y Ia -35.90918200000 175.10592100000 18880101
San Patricio Commonwealth Forest 0 IV 43.76845800000 -65.91003000000
Laguna De Joy Nature Reserve 0 II -20.95761800000 148.56134000000 1/1/1994
Hacienda La Esperanza Natural Area 922 62.55498100000 26.71982600000
Susua Commonwealth Forest 1315 IV 43.46791700000 4.21022700000 1/1/1978
Urbanodel Nuevo Milenio Commonwealth Forest 0 7.68432400000 -76.55460500000
Carite Commonwealth Forest 2705 16.25227400000 -89.85627900000 1/1/1946
Punta Picua y Ri__ Nature Reserve 0 Ia 16.28908600000 -90.37758300000 1/1/1995
Toro Negro Commonwealth Forest 2733 UA 50.40000000000 -5.13000000000 1/1/1986
Pinones Commonwealth Forest 1047 62.54868100000 27.06030500000
Vega Commonwealth Forest 594 IV 49.51000000000 6.00000000000 1/1/1988
Lago Guajatava Nature Reserve 0 62.54822000000 26.68217400000
Cano mertin Pena Nature Reserve 0 62.54500900000 26.67695300000
Cambalache Commonwealth Forest 597 IV 53.19679600000 -0.30667900000
Pueblo Commonwealth Forest 0 62.79850100000 27.85407000000
Punta Petrona Nature Reserve 0 49.55000000000 6.15000000000 1/1/1994
Cabezas de San Juan Natural Area 128 UA 54.15000000000 -2.45000000000 1/1/1984
C L Pena Nature Reserve 0 UA 53.08000000000 -1.66000000000 1/1/1992
Cueva Del Indio Nature Reserve 0 IV 49.70000000000 6.03000000000 1/1/1987
Guajataca Commonwealth Forest 927 IV 57.58000000000 22.46000000000 1/1/1987
Guanica Commonwealth Forest 3887 Y IV 43.47429200000 3.83199800000 1/1/1979
Guilarte Commonwealth Forest 1418 62.79646800000 27.85246900000
Isla Caja de Muerto Nature Reserve 188 IV 45.86244900000 -64.17178600000
Baia da Praia Nature Reserve 455 IV 45.86179000000 -64.18102100000
Ilheu do Topo Nature Reserve 65 IV 57.06000000000 22.38000000000 1/1/1962
Ilheu de Vila Franca do Campo Nature Reserve 101 UA 52.23000000000 -3.95000000000 1/1/1929
Ilheus das Formigas Nature Reserve 40000 62.79418900000 29.75055700000
Mata Nacional dos Medos Botanical Reserve 338 UA 50.47000000000 -4.92000000000 1/1/2002
Centro Historico de Coruche Natural Monument 1158 UA 53.20000000000 -1.76000000000 1/1/1989
Litoral de Esposende Protected Landscape 440 UA 53.86000000000 -1.53000000000 1/1/1987
Aτude da Agolada Natural Monument 270 UA 54.48000000000 -7.36000000000 1/1/2002
Campo de Lapias da Granja dos Serroes Natural Monument 51 UA 58.23000000000 -6.86000000000 1/1/2002
Alvao Nature Park (Portugal) 7220 UA 57.44000000000 -3.00000000000 1/1/2002
Estuario do Sado Nature Reserve 23160 UA 52.21000000000 -3.43000000000 1/1/1931
Ria Formosa Nature Park (Portugal) 18400 16.41000000000 -90.26000000000 1/1/1987
Serra da Estrela Nature Park (Portugal) 101060 -19.50727900000 22.60389200000
Rocha da Pena Natural Monument 637 62.78204900000 25.15884400000
Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentica Nature Park (Portugal) 74786 62.77208100000 25.13113700000
Guadiana Nature Park (Portugal) 70000 62.77298000000 27.86300900000
Estuario do Tejo Nature Reserve 14560 III -46.05252400000 170.18990400000
Paul do Boquilobo Nature Reserve 530 14.77782600000 -91.03759100000 1/1/1964
Campo de Lapias de Negrais Natural Monument 28 62.77034400000 27.78094300000
Montesinho Nature Park (Portugal) 74800 Ia -46.78787300000 167.65430500000 1/1/1915
Montes de Santa Olaia e Ferestelo Natural Monument 8 UA 54.33000000000 -2.88000000000 1/1/1992
Monte S. Bartolomeu Natural Monument 32 IV 57.01000000000 24.35000000000 1/1/1957
Paul de Arzila Nature Reserve 535 IV 56.96000000000 23.86000000000 1/1/1977
Dunas de S. Jacinto Nature Reserve 666 IV 46.16754300000 -59.99025500000
Serra do Aτor Protected Landscape 346 IV 45.85987600000 -64.17254600000
Berlenga Nature Reserve 78 UA 52.85000000000 1.35000000000 1/1/1990
Serras de Aires e Candeeiros Nature Park (Portugal) 38900 IV 56.13000000000 26.98000000000 1/1/1931
Arriba Fossil de Costa de Caparica Protected Landscape 1588 IV 56.80000000000 25.28000000000 1/1/1977
Fonte Benemola Natural Monument 392 Y Ia -32.72437200000 -52.54471600000 1/1/1986
Serra da Malcata Nature Reserve 21760 IV 51.77084000000 0.85585900000 1/1/1983
Gruta do Zambujal Natural Monument 2 UA 53.98000000000 -1.88000000000 1/1/1985
Serra de Sao Mamede Nature Park (Portugal) 31750 VI -33.30000000000 -60.33000000000 1/1/1993
Peneda-Gerês National Park 21100 IV 45.86763800000 -64.16987500000
Arrábida Nature Park (Portugal) 10821 IV 56.93000000000 25.75000000000 1/1/1927
Aτude do Monte da Barca Natural Monument 880 62.25819500000 27.66529300000
Sapal de Castro Marim e Vila Real de S. Antonio Nature Reserve 2089 62.25190400000 25.58952400000
Sintra-Cascais Nature Park (Portugal) 14583 62.24963700000 27.27396800000


Thank you for visiting Nature Worldwide on Puerto Rico. In this linked net of country pages you can find lists of birds, nature, mammals and national parks. Birds of Puerto Rico provides a checklist of the birds of Puerto Rico. It is a complete birdlist or bird list listing all the birds of Puerto Rico in ornithological taxonomic order. In Nature of Puerto Rico you can find nature related websites, like on birding, birdwatching, general ornithology, nature, nature conservation, national parks, protected areas, nature reserves, etc. In Mammals of Puerto Rico you can find the list of the mammals of Puerto Rico in taxonomic order. National parks, Nature reserves and Protected areas of Puerto Rico provides you with list of all the national parks and other protected areas of Puerto Rico.  Click on the following links for our web pages on Puerto Rico.


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