GAMBELLA ETHIOPIA. DISCOVER ETHIOPIAN LOWLAND PARKS with former professional to Ethiopian Park Service

Getting to see Gambella National Park is a bit of an undertaking for several reasons. It is so far away that it would take 2 days getting there by cark, so it is recommended to fly to the town of Gambella. Overnight accommodations are extremely basic. During the wet season it is very difficult to get around in Gambella National Park, and some roads may be totally cut off. There are no decent vehicles in the area and we need to send a vehicle a day ahead of you. All this involves rather high costs. For each occasion we need to check with the park authorities if it is worthwhile for you to take the trip, as we only want you to make this trip if you can get into the good places and if you are likely to get some good wildlife viewing.


Day 1 Fly Addis Ababa Gambella, Ethiopia, road distance 850km;

  1. Fly to Gambella town;

  2. Pick up from airport;

  3. First orientation in the park: Getting to know the higher ground with savanna;

  4. Sleep in Gambella town.


Day 2

  1. Exploration of the grasslands,

  2. Visit the gallery forest

  3. Visit the high grounds of the savannah.


Day 3 Gabella - Addis Ababa by plane

  1. Gambella - Addis Ababa


Price $779. Each additional day is $110 extra. Ask for group discounts.