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National Parks Tours

Hi, I am Dr. Daan Vreugdenhil, aka the "Parks Man", a lifetime conservationist with a PhD in conservation ecology and CEO of the World Institute for Conservation of Nature and Environment, WICE. For 40 years I served organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations, the WWF and other international organizations as an advisor on establishing and improving national parks systems in many developing countries. A tireless traveler and explorer, over time, my passports accumulated entry stamps of more than 80 countries and usually my boots hit the trails of at least one, and often several national parks in each country I visited. Two decades ago, WICE initiated an ecolodge in the Amazon in Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Ecuador and a few years later I became part of the polar Plancius cruises, now Oceanwide Polar Expeditions.


What often struck me on my travels, was the fact that national parks in developing countries are so often ignored by tour-operators. Many have a tendency to take you to the more convenient places in secondary forests, where everything is conveniently organized for you, while denying you the spectacle of the most beautiful nature, the most spectacular wildlife and the best birding the country has to offer: its national parks. So when those outfitters pretend they help preserve nature with their ecotour, in reality, they don't because their tours compete with visits to national parks, where the really important nature is, but they don't let you visit it, because they prefer you to spend time on their property or in other areas with little conservation importance.


That is why I decided to start organizing exiting new ecotravel destinations to national parks worldwide as well as to ecocruises to insular paradises, so that you can explore the world's best wild places in a sustainable way.


Developing an international travel website is a very time consuming exercise and countries will be added one at the time will be added. While our Ecuador website deals with all destinations on both Galapagos, the Amazon and the Andes, the first countries that is now operational from this website are Ethiopia and Peru, each with fantastic modules for both eco-expeditions and cultural highlights now available for booking.

Ecotravel: Sulphur hot springs in Ethiopia. Ecotravel: Iguazu, one of the finest waterfalls worldwide.

National Park Tours: birds, plants, geology, wildlife and safaris

Mammals, birds and other critters are very important and we like to help you focus on what is most important for you. Some of our trips are focusing on large animals, like our Africa safaris, while some of our birding trips help you expand your life-time birdlist. Other people like to join us on a whale-watching excursion. Whichever way you like to enjoy nature, we like do everything we can to help you realize your dreams.

Ecotravel: Birding in the Andes.

Ecotravel: On safari in Africa.


Some of the best nature in the world can best be explored from the water. We offer the best value for money for high quality small ship ecocruises to some of the most hidden locations in the archipelagos in the world. While these are not cheap, we try to help you find reasonably prized packages while securing our high-standards for the programs.

Ecotravel: Polar expeditions.

Ecotravel: Galapagos cruises.

Our tours even takes you under water

Visit Planet Ocean! The moment the surface of the water passes by your diving mask, you enter Planet Ocean, a completely different planet from Planet Earth. I shall never forget that moment I was stuck for a long weekend in Belice on a World Bank mission with nothing to do because all offices were closed. So I signed up for a diving course and I slowly sank under water with a tank of air on my back, entering a world I never knew existed. A world of extreme colors, fishes shooting by me as if I were not there and the strangest life forms everywhere around me. Instantly addicted, I never was the same afterwards.

Ecotravel: Snorkeling at the Pacific Reef.

Ecotravel: Scuba diving on tropical reefs.

National Park Tours: Fabulous photography

Many words have been spoken about photography while traveling. Some claim you can't experience the world around you when you always look through the viewer of your camera. But are you one of the privileged few who understand that you see details that other never are aware of? Who know the thrill of the perfect shot? While not a professional photographer and never having won a prize, I certainly appreciate the art of photography, and many of the pictures on this website were taken on my professional expeditions. We encourage you to never forget your camera and even throw in an unprofessional opinion or two .

Ecotravel: Ultimate birding


Ready to take the perfect shot....


Ecotravel: Nature photography

Ecotravel: Taking a picture of a flower

National Park Tours and Culture

Many people think that ecotourists are only interested in nature. That is nonsense of course. Why would YOU not be interested in the local culture and historical monuments just because you love nature? We make sure that you get to experience and visit the local cultural highlights in addition to your nature program.

Ecotravel: Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia

Ecotravel: Andes Indians in Peru.

National Park Tours and leisure

Does your love for nature mean that you don't appreciate some time browsing the local art stands or spending some time on the beach? Of course not. After all, you are on vacation, and we help you make it an experience exactly the way you want it.

Ecotravel: Romantic resort on a quiet beach


Who says you can't enjoy a relaxing day in a beach resort of try an exiting day of surfing?

Ecotravel: Including sporting events.

National Park Tours and children

There is no better time to engrain the love for nature than in childhood. Are you like us, and want to travel with children or even toddlers? Be aware, there are limitations to what children can do. If you decide you want to travel with children, you may need to customize your trip. Be aware that in group travel, not all people in a group may enjoy the company of children. Consult with us if and how we can accommodate your needs.

Ecotravel: Traveling with small children. Ecotravel: Take children along.

Ecotravel: Teaching the young.

Ecotravel: Family travel in national parks.

National Park Tours and prices

We are family people and we know better than most, that you are not rich and that you can't blast away money. While many ecotravelers have satisfying jobs, we know that for most of you, buying a trip abroad takes a considerable financial effort. We feel a great responsibility that you get value for money. We also know that national parks, particularly in developing countries, need visitors to justify their protection and it is our mission to make that possible. This means they need to be accessible for as many people as possible. So, price matters!  Therefore we  make every effort to secure reasonable prices, often by cutting out the middleman. In many cases, you pay directly to the service provider.

NATIONAL PARKS-WORLDWIDE is a brand name of the World Institute for Conservation & Environment, registered in the Netherlands with headquarters in the USA, a social responsibility and conservation company. About CO2 emission offset for your travels.


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